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“Very thorough. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with them. I would highly recommend and I will definitely be using them again. Thank you” – Elaine Jones, Chester

“Great service at a very good price!! Had everything we asked done in an exceptional way!!! Highly recommend these guys!!!!” – Alice Robinson, Little Sutton

“Excellent service with major attention to detail. Totally different than all other services we’ve received” – Matt Stephens, Bebbington

Gutter Clear Pro have been operating for over 6 years using modern technology to provide a safe, professional and reliable  service.

All our gutter clears are done from ground level using specialist gutter vacuums, carbon fibre poles, and long reach camera survey equipment. This means that we can see what we are cleaning as we work, and we can check the gutters are clear and working properly as we go. We take pictures as we go so we can show you that your gutters are clear and working when we are done.

With our specialist equipment we can easily clean over conservatories, extensions and garages, and other obstacles. So long as we can see the gutter from the ground, we can clean it. This means not only is it safer for us to clean, but also we won’t be putting heavy ladders against your gutters, won’t be churning up your lawn with ladders, or knocking tiles off your roof.

The vacuum is specially designed to suck up water and mud. It will suck up dry leaves, standing water, moss, and plants. It will suction onto turf and we then pull it out of the gutter. There is literally nothing we have found in a gutter that it wouldn’t lift! It will even lift out roofing tiles that have slipped into your gutter.

We are very thorough and won’t leave a mess. As we’re cleaning all the mess from your gutters is sucked up inside the vacuum. At the end of the clean we empty the vacuum into your rubbish bin or your compost heap.

Using our camera kit we use live video to guide and check our cleaning. We take pictures as we clean so we can show you your clear gutters at the end. That way you can have total peace of mind that you are getting the job done that you have paid for.

On top of all this we all turn up at your home in our iSparkle van, uniformed and insured, ready to get about the job quickly and efficiently. We are easy to book, you can call us or just click here to get your personalised quote, so you know what we are charging before we arrive. We aren’t in the business of selling at your door. We rely upon doing a great job for our customers every time, which is why over 70% of our customers end up booking us more than once. These happy customers are a testament to the great job you can rely upon us for.



Do Your Gutters Need Clearing?

Can you see any PLANTS GROWING out of them?

If you have can see plants growing out of your gutters they need to be cleaned as a matter of urgency.  As well as the parts of the plants that you can see, there will be roots spreading along the base of your guttering that will catch any seeds, moss, and debris that gets washed in.

Do you notice water OVERFLOWING when it rains?

Your guttering system is in place to protect you house from the costly damage that water does to your home.  If you gutters are overflowing it is a sure sign that your gutters need clearing.

Are you DOWN PIPES blocked?

If you can see that your down pipe is blocked it is a sign that your whole guttering system needs clearing, as well as the down pipe itself.  The down pipe itself will have been blocked by debris coming along your guttering

Can you see LEAVES, MOSS OR BRANCHES in them?

Whatever debris you can see coming out of the top, there will be far more beneath it.  What you can see is literally the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what will be lying in your guttering and preventing the flow of water through your rainwater drainage system.

Has it been 2 YEARS OR LONGER since you last cleared you gutters?

Major home insurers recommend that your gutter system is cleared at least once per year.  This is recommended as keeping proper maintenance of your property to prevent more costly repairs in the future.


How Often Do You Recommend I Have My Gutters Cleared?

At iSparkle we recommend clearing your gutters annually.  This confers with the recommended maintenance standards for clearing gutters given by major household insurance companies.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Gutters Regularly?

Blocked gutters can seem like just a nuisance but if they are not checked and seen to then they can result in

  1. Damage to the gutter themselves
  2. Damage to your fascias
  3. Damage to your brickwork
  4. Damage to your paintwork
  5. Damp basements and in extreme cases, subsidence

Damage To Your Gutter

When a gutter is blocked they can cause water to stand in them.  This adds a lot of weight to the gutter system.  This can cause sagging in the gutter and damage sections so that the brackets and gutter sections need to be replaced.

Damage To Your Fascia And Your Eaves

The weight of the standing water in the gutter can cause the gutter brackets to pull away from your fascia.  As well as this the pooling of water in the gutter will start to be blown against your fascia causing the protective paint on your fascia to bubble and peel.  This will mean that your fascia will need re sealing and repainting.  If at this point you do not do so the water is likely to cause the fascia to rot.

At this point if the fascia is not replaced the water will continue to work its way in and penetrate the wood.  This will eventually lead to the eaves rotting.  IF the water is being blown onto the fascia it will also run down the sides of your home.  The water can lead to moss forming on your brickwork, bubbly and discolouration of paintwork, or your cladding.

Damp Damage and Subsidence

Perhaps the most destructive and surprising results of blocked gutters is damp basements and in extreme cases, subsidence.  One of your gutters most important functions is to direct water away from the foundation of your home.  If the gutter is blocked this will no longer happen.  As a result water standing at the base of your house can eventually find its way into the cement and leach into the walls of the basement. Damp in a basement can lead to damp and mould inside your home.  This is very costly to remove properly.

Around one in five subsidence claims are a direct result of excessive water at the foundation of a house.  This can be caused by water not being carried away by the drainage system, including a blocked or overflowing gutter system.

The chances of this happening can be drastically reduced by ensuring that your gutters are checked regularly and cleaned out of leaves, dirt and generally rubbish.  This simple and affordable action can save you from costly repair work to your home.

How Often Do You Recommend I Have My Gutters Cleared?

At iSparkle we recommend clearing your gutters annually.  This confers with the recommended maintenance standards for clearing gutters given by major household insurance companies.

What our Customers are saying…

  • ‘Always a great result and people you can count on. As a property manager I have used them a number of times and won’t hesitate to contact them again. Well done!’ Mr Ian Taylor, Chester
  • I was very impressed by this service very reliable and everything was so easy. Booked via online chat and quote given was spot on. Operator was friendly. I was very happy how easy it all was’ Mrs Wright, Chester
  • ‘Reliable, on schedule, trustworthy and inexpensive. Highly recommended!’ H Wilbraham, Frodsham
  • ‘Excellent service. They were on time, hard working and the result was amazing. Highly recommended.’ Mrs Smith, Eastham
  • ‘Extremely thorough and professional… they are definitely our go to team for all future services’ Mrs Robinson, Upton
  • ‘Have recommended you to all family and friends. Thank you’  Amy Walker, Chester
  • ‘Very, very good! Well done. Took so much the stress out of it for me!’   Mr Hughes, Helsby