I am very pleased.  You clean right into the corners every time you come

Testimonial Mrs Hughes
Mrs Hughes
Westminster Park

I am very happy with your service.  I have recommended you to all my friends

Testimonial  Mrs Upson
Mrs Upson

Very professional service

Testimonial Mr Jones
Mr Jones
Curzon Park

Thank you for keeping my windows so clean

Testimonial Mrs Harris
Mrs Harris

iSparkle are the best window cleaners that you can imagine.  They do a great job on your glass and sills, they always come when they say they will, and they are a very friendly business to speak to.  Their cleaners are lovelly lads!

Testimonial Mrs Lewis
Mrs Lewis
Little Sutton

You were recommended by our friend and a recommendation from her is not easy to get!  She told us how pleased she was with your work and I can see why she is.  It’s nice to have a cleaner who enjoys his work so much too!

Testimonial Mr Howard
Mr Howard
Westminster Park

iSparkle is a wonderful service.  Our windows look absolutely incredible, they are always punctual, and very polite and friendly.  I fully recommend this professional service

Testimonial Mrs McDonald
Mrs McDonald
Westminster Park

This is the first time we have used window cleaners and we are delighted with them.  We enjoy the service very much.  A very friendly local business

Testimonial Mrs Winters
Mrs Winters
Great Boughton

When we saw you cleaning next door without ladders we wanted you to clean ours too.  Our last cleaners ended up costing us a lot of money with roof repairs.  They broke a lot of our tiles!

Testimonial Mr Hughes
Mr Hughes

I have been using iSparkle for a number of months now and have been very impressed since day 1.  Great communication, great service, and the convenience of paying by standing order make them a perfect choice

Testimonial Mr Davids
Mr Davids
Stanney Oaks

Our windows certainly look a better now that you have been cleaning them.  We are very happy

Testimonial Mrs Whiteley
Mrs Whiteley

We are really happy with you and have told our friends about you too.  We think if you do a good job you should get the recognition for it

Testimonial Mrs Daly
Mrs Daly
Guilden Sutton

We chose you because we wanted a window cleaner who would clean the uPCV as well as the glass.  We are very impressed and happy with the results!

Testimonial Mr C Lofts
Mr C Lofts
Great Boughton

Nobody cleans windows as well as you do.  I saw you cleaning our neighbour and then chased the van down the street!

Testimonial Mr A Matthews
Mr A Matthews
Great Sutton

Excellent service!  We have had to suffer some terrible window cleaners in the past.  We love knowing when you’re next due, and the consistently high quality of results

Testimonial Mrs K Lovelock
Mrs K Lovelock

Thank you for the fantastic service that you have given us over the past 12 months.  It has been a pleasure to have you cleaning our windows

Testimonial Mr Howard
Mr Howard

Excellent job, excellent service, and very friendly staff

Testimonial Mrs Wright
Mrs Wright

Very reliable and careful! Extremely professional, always on time!

Testimonial Mrs Wilson
Mrs Wilson

My neighbour was so right! Your service has been great!

Testimonial Mrs Warren
Mrs Warren
Westminster Park

They did an excellent job & were extremely friendly, courteous & careful

Testimonial Mrs McGough
Mrs McGough
Gt Sutton