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Residential Window Cleaning in Chester, Ellesmere Port and Beyond

Benefit from our years of experience. Our window cleaning services produce perfect results every time, no matter how dirty your windows. You’ll also find that our cleaning methods are a perfect solution for those hard to reach windows above conservatories, or set in tiled roofs. Our reliable, high-quality service means that we’re always the right choice for your window cleaning needs.

We pride ourselves on our professional window cleaning service and our regular service schedules.  We even give you a ‘next due date’ every time we visit, so that you always know when we will call.

“Very reliable and careful. Always on time!” “

– Mrs Wilson, Hoole

Why Do Our Clients Choose iSparkle As Their Window Cleaners?
  1. You always know when we are coming.  Each time our window cleaner calls, they will post a calling slip which gives you the due date for the next clean.  You simply make sure we can get around the back of your property.
  2. We clean your windows, frames, sills, and doors EVERY time we come.  Each and every time we visit we clean all your frames, sills and doors as well as your windows.  We have specialised brush heads which allow us to clean the sills even on high windows because of the double angle of the brush head and variable varying length of bristle.  Our heated pure water is perfectly designed to clean your glass and frames gently but effectively and leave them sparkling after we have left.
  3. We make it easy for you to pay us.  As most of our clients are out when we come to clean we have found that the most convenient method of payment is by monthly direct debit.  This payment structure is much better because you stay in control of your payments, we will never knock on your door asking for money at tea time, and it is very safe and secure.
  4. We can clean windows that traditional window cleaners can’t reach.  By using composite poles from ground level we are able to clean windows that traditional window cleaners just can’t reach.  Windows above conservatory roofs, skylights set back on roofs, or third and fourth storey windows are easy for us to clean.

More Reasons To Choose iSparkle As Your Window Cleaners
  1. Pure water is kind to your uPVC and seals as we do not use any harsh chemicals
  2. There is more privacy for you because all cleaning is done from ground level, and the window cleaner is not up against the glass whilst they are cleaning
  3. We are fast and efficient so we are not hanging around on your property during or after your clean.  We can be this efficient because of our high investment in the equipment that we use, and because of the specialist training program which all our staff completes.
  4. Your windows stay cleaner longer as there is no sticky residue left by cleaning products on your window pane
  5. Previously inaccessible windows can be cleaned with the water fed pole system.
Your First Clean: Very Important Information

Your first clean with iSparkle is a very important clean as we are spending a lot more time getting your windows, sills, frames, and doors up to standard.  It is in effect a very deep clean where we are cleaning into the gaps and seals of your windows and frames to get the spiders eggs and muck out.

Here’s How iSparkle Do Your First Windows Clean In Four Simple Stages

  • One of our trusted, trained, and fully informed team members will call at your home on the set day.  Their initial aim is to spend quality time with your window frames.
  • Our cleaner will start by concentrating on your frames and on the gaps and seals around the window.  We need to get all the muck, the spiders webs and spiders eggs out of there.  Once the gaps and seals are cleaned, we concentrate more on the face of the frame using our heated pure water to wash the spots and grime off them.
  • Once the frames and seals are cleaned up to standard your cleaner will then start to concentrate on the pane of glass.  My gently rubbing at the glass with our soft nylon brush we remove the dirt and grime.  The heated pure water will work as an active cleaning agent on the glass, and will wash the grime away.
  • This is where the magic really starts to happen…  Once the frames and the glass have been cleaned your cleaner will then wash down your windows with the heated pure water until they are shone to perfection.